In today’s volatile economy, it is imperative for CXOs to proactively identify opportunities and make data-driven business decisions by closely analyzing and deciphering organizational data. It’s challenging for CXOs to consolidate this data which later is not easily accessible and intuitive enough to support the decision-making process. The solution to this problem is a platform with dashboards pertaining to relevant business data. Collated in a single view, the dashboards showcase essential business analytics and actionable insights derived from existing organizational data.

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Comprehensive dashboards with a holistic view

Nitor’s dedicated specialists have created intuitive dashboards especially for Department Heads to track their key KPIs. These dashboards showcase analytics by utilizing the most significant business data without hampering the current data management system. As a result, leaders can track KPIs of every single department of the organization to make strategic business decisions.

Meeting Management Dashboard

  • Get a 360-degree view of your meetings, rooms, tasks, and other events with an intuitive dashboard
  • Track end-to-end meeting lifecycle right from creation to comprehensive post-meeting insights
  • With in-meeting analytics, real-time alerts, you have all the tools to ensure optimal meeting outcomes


HR Dashboard

  • Get a dashboard that showcases deep analytics as per the HR department requirement
  • Achieve detailed insights of employee status like a new hire, employee termination, new workforce, etc.
  • Track analytics of the IT operations based on available values of datasets


Manufacturing Process Dashboard

  • Oversee machine usage, process efficiency, supply chain, etc. with a real-time data-driven view to adhere to manufacturing standards
  • Monitor supply chain to identify problems before they reach critical levels
  • Track downtime of the manufacturing plant production line, and keep an eye on planned and unplanned downtime trends


Sales Dashboard

  • Assess KPIs with key metrics such as budgets, time estimates, confirmed orders, etc. from the factory floor to the sales team
  • Provides intelligent upselling and cross-selling recommendations
  • Insights on Order-in-hand, pending payments, last booked sales, price list update, etc to analyze overall sales performance

Read how one of our customers, a leading chemical and fertilizer manufacturer achieved accurate business insights and overall strengthening of processes with our fit-to-purpose intuitive dashboards.

Power BI: Technology behind the magic of Data Visualization

Power BI, a leading data analytics and visualization tool that helps customers to connect various systems for fast and secure data sharing, analysis, and insights. With Power BI, create visually stunning reports with drill-down capabilities that give you a complete bird's eye view of your organization. Whether you need to manage inventory, track raw material/finished goods, or discover hidden insights about opportunities for improvements in your systems, Power BI will help you do this with visually appealing dashboards and reports available on any device.

Watch the video to learn a how a sales dashboard can be utilized to derive insights about crucial parameters that drives the overall sales performance.

Our approach

Strategic consulting
We identify the requirement of our customers by conducting deep brainstorming sessions to comprehend the current issue, then create a roadmap and a strategy to implement.
Business analysis
Our business-focused data experts study the current datasets to analyze which data points matter the most for our customer’s pro-active business decision making.
Data Expertise
Considering customer’s business objectives, our data analytics experts recognize and arrange KPIs, screen the processes with data-driven insights, use predictive forecasting, and so forth to improve business performance.

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